EV Charger 7.3kw

Fox ESS – EV Charger 7.3kw

The AC EV charger is a new product launched by Fox ESS .
Its appearance of this product adopts a streamlined and
simple design, which is more refined and glitzy. Through
the App, car owners can choose the Bluetooth smart lock,
timing charging function, or change it to plug-and-play
mode. At the same time, it can monitor charging information, set EV charger parameters, bind equipment and
authorization, and upgrade remote software.

Power: 7.3kW
Output Current: Max.32A
Output Voltage: 230V AC
Type 2 cable charging connector
Compliant with OCPP 1.6 (JSON)/2.0
App operation or RFID authentication or
plug, play & 4G
Protection Grade: IP65
-30 ~ 50°C wide Operating Temperature
Warranty time: 3 years