What LUX Good on the UK Battery Storage Market at the Moment?

Rising to the challenge of introducing new, innovative and technologically advanced products on to the UK market is something that Infinity Innovations Ltd take very seriously.

For this North Yorkshire solar energy company, focus isn’t on quantity of system options, it is about supplying top quality, highly advanced and well researched solar energy products, offering technical support to mirror the quality of the systems distributed, and matching high quality systems to applications for which they are best suited.

The latest advanced solar system to have been introduced to the UK market by Infinity Innovations being the LUX Power| Battery Storage system, which is available as a Hybrid System or AC Unit.

Why Choose a LUX Power| Battery Storage System Over Similar Products?

Infinity Innovations Ltd are aware of the variety of systems for solar battery storage available on the UK market at the moment, which is exactly why they have chosen to represent and distribute LUX Power systems above other solar batteries.

Numerous system benefits make the LUX the sensible choice when it comes to quality and value for money, this includes a warranty period of 10 years, which is double the warranty offered on similar systems of the same price.

Other Benefits and Superior Features of LUX Power Systems

. DOD – The LUX can use 90% of the battery, whereas other systems can only use up to a max of 80% – some even less

. Unlike SoFar Solar| solar battery systems and some other battery storage products which only have a 3KW max charge and discharge rate, the LUX has 3.6KW

. LUX Power| Solar Battery Storage Systems have built in EPS

. With every other battery storage unit, you are required to buy an extra component. All parts for the LUX Power are fully included

. Unlike other AC units that only have 5 years warranty, LUX Power systems have a 10 year warranty.

. Remote access and upgrading for free

. Free maintenance checks carried out remotely

. The 4 KW Hybrid can accommodate 7000 watts of solar PV

. The LUX Hybrid is currently the cheapest on the market with 10 years warranty

. The AC charge controller is cheaper than the SoFar AC systems.

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