Solar PV Battery Storage and the Smart Export Guarantee

WE HAVE SOME FANTASTIC NEWS for homeowners and small businesses in Lancashire and Cumbria with solar pv battery storage installations…

It seems that the government have now got plans to bring back an incentive that will pay home owners for any unused power that is fed back into the national grid. According to an news article that was  recently published by the Independent newspaper, this plan is set to be named the ‘Smart Export Guarantee‘.

For homeowners who prefer to store their unused solar energy, there are also now smart battery storage solutions, which enable them to not only store this energy, but allow it to be discharged at a pre-programmed time.


Our LUX Power systems have integrated firmware which allow this, and this capability has proven especially beneficial to those who charge their electric vehicles at night!

Homeowners should absolutely be rewarded for using renewable energy solutions, therefore the new government plan for a ‘Smart Export Guarantee’, alongside rapidly improving battery storage possibilities – are finally allowing that to happen.

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